Best Universities in Australia for Engineering

Australia is a dream destination of many international students because of the high level of quality education, opportunities and exposure to the real world and top universities with best professionals and scholars to guide the students. Australian universities offer various courses in Nursing, Information technology, Accountancy, Tourism and Hospitality and many more to domestic as well as International students. Among all the courses the universities of Australia provide, Engineering is one of the best degree choices to those who are enthusiastic about construction, design, business, manufacturing, maintenance etc. The students at an Australian University have a wide range of choices to specialize with in engineering, such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering and many more. In many universities, engineering courses include a year of work experience in the related field as a part of their program. Other different practical trainings are also provided to the students to make them ready to work in the real world. Since there are many universities offering various choices, students may find it difficult to choose the ideal one for them.  To make things easier for you, here are some suggestions.

UNSW Sydney

It is one of the best universities for providing engineering degree to students. They have 8 different schools for engineering with more than 20 undergraduate degrees. Among all the under graduate courses, environment engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunication and civil aviation are more popular. UNSW’s Bachelor’s degree program includes 60 days of industry training which is the best opportunity for the students to experience the real life scenario of the work. The University also offers a flexible first year course to those who are not ready to decide on specialization. It is a top university providing different facilities along with the ranges of courses to students.

Monash University

Monash University is a top school in Australia providing different courses and programs. Engineering degree is one of the many options of courses that the university offers to its students. It provides bachelor’s and master’s degree courses. During the first year of the bachelor level, students compulsorily learn about the fundamentals of the engineering and its role in the society. Students also take classes on all nine engineering subjects which will later help them to decide on their area of specialization. The University also offers 2 year master’s degree in five different Engineering branches such as chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical and materials.

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne, a top Engineering school in Australia provides a wide range of scope in the industry. At the University, an undergraduate can choose different bachelor courses in science, design or biomedicine and then select an engineering major. Students must complete 2 years’ master’s of engineering program in their respective specialization to be recognized as an international engineer. The students of this University also get access to Melbourne Entrepreneurial Center, which will help the students to get innovative business ideas through different sessions and workshops.

University of Sydney

University of Sydney is one of the leading universities in Australia for educating and delivering the professionals and well skilled engineers into the related fields. The institute has 7 different schools providing different special engineering courses for the undergraduates as well as for the post graduates. It provides courses on aerospace, mechanical and mechatronic, biomedical, chemical and biomolecular, civil, computer science, electrical and information engineering, and project management. The University ensures excellent theoretical knowledge parallel with the practical placements during their study as the institute has wide networks with more than 1200 industry partners.

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland, is a well-known Engineering institute, which delivers advanced engineering program. It offers flexible courses to the Bachelor’s level students in their first year, allowing them to explore 6 different engineering areas before choosing the specific field to pursue or focus on a particular specialization later on. They prepare all the students for real world work after university as the students must complete 450 hrs of engineering professional practice (EPP) and submit five reports before the graduation. After the completion of the respective program, the University ensures that the students have both practical skill along with the theoretical knowledge.

The universities in the Australia are world class institutes providing the most advanced engineering programs. So, Australia can be the best option to pursue engineering study if you are interested and eligible. Students Vibes invites you for free consultation to help you achieve you abroad studies dream.

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