When is the best time to apply in Australia?

Australia offers multiple intakes in a year for students from all over the world. You have a higher chance of being selected into Australian universities if you take some time and carefully do all the planning. Find your subject of interest and select the university of your choice. There are a total of 43 universities in Australia, among which 36 of them are public universities, four of them are private universities and three of them are international private universities. Along with these, there are so many other educational institutions that provide different educational courses. Let’s break down the intakes into three different parts.

First Intake

This intake starts around late February or early march and ends in late June. This intake is popular among international students. This intake offers varieties of courses you can select from different universities.

This intake starts in late July or early August. This intake also offers varieties of courses you can select from different universities.

Second Intake

Third Intake

This intake starts in September to late November. A very limited number of courses are offered in this intake season

If you are planning to enroll into vocational courses, they offer intakes for January, May or July, depending upon the course and the university itself. The deadlines for each intake depends upon the university you are applying to. As a legitimate educational consultancy, we suggest every student to start preparing for their application at least six months before. Even though Australia has top universities and world class education, the admission process is very easy and there is a very high chance of getting selected if you meet their educational requirements. If you are confused on which intake to select, February intake is the most suitable intake for everyone. As this intake offers a wide range of courses and the majority of universities open admission for international students, there is a higher chance of getting your spot being secured and visa being approved. All the universities have their own rules and regulations regarding deadlines and requirements, so the entire application process should be planned meticulously. If you plan and start your application process six months before the semester starts, make sure you are done with your English language requirement tests. Australian universities usually accept a 6.0 ielts band score or minimum PTE Academic score of 42. After you have completed your language requirement tests, you should start applying to your desired university. One of the most common mistakes students make while applying to Australia is they don’t take enough time during their application process. If you rush and leave your work for the last hour, you might not meet the requirements and miss important opportunities. Here are a few things that you should consider while applying to Australian universities after you have finalized your intake:

1. Email your college admission board and submit all the educational documents asked by the university committee.

2. Write a proper SOP and essays required by the college.  Check our SOP Guidelines

3. Wait for an acceptance letter from the university and as soon as you receive it, proceed with other documents required by the college.

4. Submit your fees required by the university and apply for a student visa.

5. Meanwhile, look into scholarships and student loans if you can’t afford your fees. Talk to the college admission board regarding financial help.

6. After all the process is completed, sort out your accommodation and book your flight.

7. After the covid-19 protocols, you must do a PCR test within 72 hours before the flight. If everything goes alright, you will be welcomed into Australia, put in quarantine and after a few days of isolation, you will finally be able to pursue the life of your dreams.

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