One of the most important factors while applying abroad is Insurance. Health insurance is mandatory in every country of the world and when it comes to Australia, it is no exception. While you apply for Australia to study, work and settle, we help you find the best health insurance policy and benefits. Private health insurance is compulsory for all students, although if you get permanent residency, it will be covered by Medicare, which is free.

The insurance coverage for international students is termed “Overseas Student Health Cover” (OSHC) in Australia. This insurance is meant to cover your medical and hospitalization expenses if you undergo any inconvenience associated with health. Health insurance is mandatory for all international students, and it helps minimize the hefty cost that comes along. 

There are different health funds that provide OSHC like AHM OSHC, Allianz Care Australia (Peoplecare), BUPA Australia, CBHS International Health, Medibank Private, and NIB OSHC. You can find a plan that is suitable for you with our help. Normal OSHC covers doctors’ visitation charges, ambulance charges, finite medications, access to private hospitals, and some specified surgeries. Services like Dental, Physiotherapy, and Optical are not included here. You have to purchase a comprehensive OSHC for that. You can purchase different kinds of health insurance policies in Australia. Student Vibes will help you find the best ones according to your budget. When it comes to health, you must not take any risk, especially when you are abroad. 

The cost of OSHC depends upon the type of cover required. The price can go from a minimum of AUD$478 for 12 months of singles cover to $2,600 for 12 months of couples cover and maximum of $4,200 for 12 months of family cover. If you aren’t insured, health facilities may come as very expensive. It is very important for you to compare all the insurance prices and find a suitable one that you can incur. If you have no idea how the whole insurance policy works in Australia, we have the best of advisors for you. They will help find affordable insurance for you and do the necessary paperwork required. That way, you won’t have to worry about all the things at once, while applying for Australia. 

Health insurance is a safety net. If you require any further information about OSHC before or during your stay in Australia, you can visit the website  or consult with our professionals for more information. As we are also based in Australia ourselves, we will help you sort out the problems easily. Taking care of yourself is very important when you are living alone or with your friends in a completely new country. It’s better to find or collaborate with experts like us to guide and help you regarding all the information related to your career and health. Health insurance frees you from the uninvited financial burden if you get ill. Make sure you make the right choices while residing in Australia. If you can’t, we are there to do it for you!

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