Wherever you go abroad, recognition of your prior learning experience is a very important thing. You may have worked in your country and might have gained a lot of experience working in diverse sectors. If you want to convert these wonderful experiences into something useful before heading for another country, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is very important. While applying to Australia for higher studies or migration, Skill Assessments and RPL adds as an asset to your career. It acknowledges skills acquired through formal and informal learning and work experience. RPL helps to shorten the time necessary to earn a qualification, and you’ll qualify for this. At Student Vibes Education and Visa Services, we’ve sorted it out for you.

This is a required factor for migration. Based on your prior learning,  you’ll be recognized as an Australian qualified professional in your occupation. To be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you must mark a few criteria which includes the industry you work in, the type of qualification you are looking for and prior learning experience in any kind of formal or informal measures.

Gaining an RPL isn’t as hard as you imagine it to be. There is a certain time duration for the entire process and guess what?  The process isn’t tedious and with the help of Student Vibes, the procedure is even more effortless.  You will need these subsequent documents to testify for RPL:

1. Reference letters

2. Resume

3. Employment contracts

4. Photos or videos of your work

5. Transcripts of your qualifications

6. Overseas qualification

7. Apprenticeship papers

Australia is evolving constantly. Once you are acquainted with RPL, it will help you with uncountable employment opportunities in Australia. It will help reduce the duration of further studies as you don’t have to study more to qualify for the thing you already know. It will allow you to obtain a license to work in a certain profession based on your experiences. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)  mainly helps in strengthening your Australian visa application and helps qualify you for a visa in a very short period of time. Australia is full of people from diverse backgrounds and this will help expand your work network. For better understanding of Australia’s work culture and to be acquainted with the ethics, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is very important.

Student Vibes has helped many students achieve Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in  a very short period of time. With our effort, you will be able to live a decent life in Australia based on your work experiences. We have dedicated mentors and professionals who will guide you in this entire process.Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) helps in making formal qualifications more attainable to people who are already doing their work and building their careers. Australia recognizes the skills of people and as a matter of fact, the work culture is even better than most of the countries of the world. Your work experiences, even small, won’t go wasted here. Consult our expert for free.

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