University Intakes in Australia

Australia is one of the top destinations for pursuing higher education for international students. More than 500,000 overseas students are enrolled in the Australian universities every year. They have top colleges with wide ranges of courses and options for the students. Australia is an ideal place to explore the academic interest as they have many facilities, high quality education along with essential practical exposure and wider post degree opportunities. Along with these innumerable features, Australian universities also offer multiple intakes in a year for domestic as well as international students.

Normally there are three intakes in Australia: February intake, July intake and November intake. Before enrolling into the university, students must be prepared with proper research of the course and university, and then apply to the university, go through interview process, get student visa and lastly make travel arrangements. And for different intakes you need to prepare and proceed in different months.

February Intakes

February intakes are popular for many courses in Australia and this is the primary intake season of Australian universities. In this intake, a large number of seats and more scholarship options are available for the applicants. To apply for the February intake, a student must be prepared 10 to 11 months prior to intakes with proper research of the courses and universities. Once the university and course is chosen, apply during October to November. From December to January, you can apply for a student visa. February is the month to make the travel arrangements to attend the classes.

For the February intakes, the deadline of most of the universities is October – December. The deadline differs from university to university. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared with all the necessary paperwork before September for the February intakes.

July Intakes

July intakes are another popular intakes among the international students. This special intake has lesser course choices than February intake but still July intakes are equally preferred by the students as they provide ample time for the students to collect all the papers/documents and mark sheet from their national institutes. For the July intake students must begin the research and short listing of the university from the September to October of previous year and apply for the university in around December – February. During May to June, you will apply for a visa and in July, you will start your travel arrangement to attend the class.

The deadline for the July intakes range from March to May also some universities accept the application throughout the year.

November Intakes

November intakes are the least popular intakes with limited number of courses. Only certain number of universities offer this intake and most of the course they offer are vocational. So, the competition for scholarship is very low, thus high chances for the applicant to get it. For this intake students must research about the courses and universities in around November to December of the previous year. Then in between June/July, apply for the course. Visa application can be done till October. In November you arrange the travelling process to fly to Australia.

The application deadline for the November intake depends upon the university and the type of course and degree.

Prospective students should do enough research and planning to explore the best university, course and intake. The whole process can be challenging. So, Student Vibes is always there to consult and guide you in every stage to help you pursue higher education in Australia.

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